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Scheduling a new roof installation by Direct Metal Roofing, Inc. can give you peace of mind with quality materials and a job well done in Central Florida.


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Homes throughout Central Florida deserve roofs that will stand up to the worst of Florida storms, including hurricanes. Get a new roof installation from Direct Metal Roofing, Inc. when you care about quality and superior customer service. Our roofs are long-lasting and made to protect your family and your home. Leave your information when prompted to receive a call from an experienced roofing contractor.

6 Reasons to Choose Us For Your New Roof Installation

It is never a good time to replace your roof. But when that time comes, we give you several good reasons to work with Direct Metal Roofing, Inc., which is located in the heart of Central Florida. Remember these eight points the next time you find yourself looking for a new roof installation expert near you.

We Offer Free Inspections

What if you only suspect that you need a new roof installation, but you’re not sure? We strive to give you peace of mind with a thorough roof inspection. We will arrive on your property promptly to check your roof for all the signs that roof replacement may be necessary. Cracked shingles, missing shingles, or rust on your metal roof? All of these can be signs of roof damage, and all can warrant a complete re-roofing of your home. If a new roof is deemed to be necessary, we will provide you with a free, low-cost estimate. There is no obligation to commit and all charges are as-is without hidden fees of any kind. If your home is under construction, we can ensure your roof matches the style and structure of your new home, and will offer a free, no-obligation estimate for getting the job done on your building schedule.

A No-Stress Re-Roofing Zone

We work hard to take the stress of installing a new roof off of your shoulders. You have enough to worry about with the roof replacement costs, and all these contractors walking on your roof, or roaming around your property. The time can be draining for even the most stoic of homeowners, but rest assured. Our roofing contractors will be respectful of your space and property, leaving your new roof installation in pristine condition and your property just as clean.

We Secure All Necessary Permits

Home roofing and commercial roofing services may require permits at some point during the new construction process. Some professional roofing services leave it up to the homeowner to secure these permits. In keeping with our promise to keep the stress light, our new roof installation crew will obtain all the permits needed for your peace of mind.

The Best Roofing Materials

We stand behind the durability of our roofs and how long they last. We are able to do that because we source our roofing materials from reputable manufacturers. You get only the best when you work with Direct Metal Roofing, Inc., whether you require metal roof installation, shingle installation, or the installation of any other type of roof. Mother nature can throw rain, wind, tree limbs, and debris at your roof, and it will still remain standing. If you want the best roofing services near you, we have you covered, and your Direct Metal Roofing Inc. roof warranty will only further soothe your mind.

A Fast & Seamless Roof Installation Process

Once you are happy with your free, no-obligation inspection and estimate, we will next go about re-roofing your home. The same process will apply if you are adding a roof to your new home construction, as well. The process goes like this: You give the greenlight and we schedule the date for your new roof installation to take place. We work on your schedule and will do our best to adhere to the most accurate work schedule, weather permitting. As the homeowner, you don’t have to do a thing. Sit back, relax, and let us re-roof your home with quality materials, so that your roof lasts as long as you need.

We Leave You a Supremely Happy Customer !

Whether you require residential or commercial roofing services, we guarantee that you will be happy with your new roof installation. From the moment you call for your free inspection to the closing of the deal, and throughout the installation process, you can have confidence that Direct Metal Roofing, Inc. has your best interests in mind. We can put you in touch with other happy customers if you are still on the fence about using us to re-roof your home. We also hope to make you one of those pleased clients who others can call for the same reason. Our roofing services leave you satisfied and the extended roof warranty we offer doesn’t hurt either.

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