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The choice to shingle your roof is a popular one for many Florida homeowners. If you are trying to decide on the best material for your roof, schedule a free inspection with Direct Metal Roofing, Inc. Our experienced roofers will arrive on your property to inspect your current roof and determine the ideal roofing material for you. Leave your information where prompted, and one of our expert representatives will contact you shortly to choose the best time for you.

The Benefits of Choosing Asphalt Shingles

If you live in and around Brevard County, there are many excellent reasons to go with a shingle roof. Here are just a few that come to mind.

Quick Installation 

Asphalt shingles are rectangular-shaped, flexible, and lightweight. This makes them easy and safe to install by certified roofing professionals. The great thing about shingle roofing is that it can be adapted to any architectural style and installed at virtually any roof angle. 

Asphalt shingles really are a beautiful addition to any home. Their unique character provides a natural looking roofing style that will look right at home on any block.

A Variety of Colors and Styles to Choose From 

Roof material manufacturing continues to improve, which means that you now have more choices than ever when it comes to asphalt shingle colors and styles. Your home can really stand out by selecting just the right texture and pattern of shingle. Some shingle roofs are even made out to look like more expensive cedar shake tiles. That’s how versatile the roofing material has become. 

Shingle Roofs Meet Florida Performance Standards 

Once again, if you are looking for roofing material that will stay put when caught in the highest category winds, asphalt shingles are an excellent investment. Premium asphalt-based roofing shingles are made to meet industry standards for not only wind, but also impact and fire resistant. Some asphalt roofing tiles made for Florida area homes also come coated with algaecides due to the higher than average humidity.

Shingles Are Affordable 

Any professional roofing services will tell you that asphalt shingles are the most cost-effective roof materials you can buy. The price you will pay for materials and labor is less than you would for a roof made of clay or metal, or example. Those materials are heavier than asphalt and require specialized tools and training to be installed professionally. So, if you are attempting to keep your roof costs low, shingles are a wise option. 


Asphalt shingles contain composites that are beneficial in creating things we all enjoy, like pavement and asphalt for the roads. Since the roof shingle tiles can be recycled, they shouldn’t be filling up any landfills anytime soon. That makes the shingles an excellent investment for your home and another way to do your part for the environment. 

Shingle Roofs are Easy to Maintain 

One aspect of shingles homeowners tend to prefer is the low cost of maintenance. If a shingle falls away or becomes damaged, the individual sections can be replaced quite easily. Good quality shingles that are professionally installed by contractors like ours at Direct Metal Roofing, Inc. should not have to be replaced for many years. The same can’t be said for other roofing types, such as metal roofing. 

Comparing a Metal Roof vs. a Shingle Roof

Are you still on the fence about asphalt and think metal might be more your style? There is another drawback of metal that ends up driving people to choose asphalt shingles instead: Rust. After many rainy seasons, and other types of inclement weather, your metal roof can begin to rust. Over time, the rusty portions can become porous, allowing moisture to penetrate your roof. Eventually, a full-blown leak will occur. 

With asphalt shingles, there is no rust to worry about. As long as the tiles themselves do not sustain damage, the shingle roof will repel the rain, keeping moisture at bay, and your home protected. 


Why Work with Direct Metal Roofing, Inc.?

Are you considering a shingle roof replacement or roof shingles repair? If so, schedule a free, no-obligation inspection with Direct Metal Roofing, Inc. Located in the heart of Brevard County, we offer professional roofing services and can give you a shingle roof that will hold up for decades to come. 

Our shingle roofing is made of the highest quality materials and is durable enough to last through the harshest Florida storms. Our installation crews are full-time roofing experts, which means we will never send random subcontractors to your home. We strive to provide a job well done the first time around and can provide routine maintenance when required. Let us become your roofing partner so that you can get the home protection you need and the great value on shingle roof installation you desire.


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We offer competitive rates on all our shingle roofs and even offer financing if you find the cost of shingles a bit too steep. Our goal is to make the process of installing or repairing your shingle roof a stress-free affair. Instead of sweating about the price, we want you to relax with affordable fees and financing terms. 

Our financing comes with no money down and extended payment terms, such as seven- and ten-year loans. Enjoy home protection now with a shingle roof and worry about payments later by working with Direct Metal Roofing, Inc., your local and direct roofing professionals.

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