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Roof Replacement by a Roof Contractor in & near Cocoa, FL

Why Do I Need a Roof Replacement?


All it takes is one broken shingle to introduce the inner workings of your roof to moisture. The more moisture that builds up, the more potential wood damage may be occurring underneath. Soon, the moisture begins seeping into your home, forcing you to grab a cup, then a bucket to contain the gathering water. A roof replacement keeps moisture out, and your home protected from water damage.

Further Expenses

Replacing a roof the moment you notice your previous one failing can save you loads of expenses down the line. Consider the expense of replacing your entire roof and all the furniture inside your home? That is what you face by allowing roof problems to linger too long. Replacing your roof sooner rather than later is the far more economical decision.


When your roof is old and failing, you might have to put up with constant frustrations like picking up broken shingles, placing buckets under leaks, and worrying about all the furniture in your attic and downstairs in your home getting soaked the next time it rains. Replacing your roof is the stress-free option for the discerning homeowner.

A Plummeting Home Value

The older and more decrepit your roof becomes, the lower your home’s value. You work hard to keep your home maintained. Go the extra mile and keep your home protected with a new roof replacement in & near Cocoa, FL by Direct Metal Roofing professional team. Your home will look better, be better protected, and you’ll likely earn the cost of the replacement back when it comes time to sell.

What We Offer For Roof Replacement In & Near Cocoa, FL!

As a professional roofing service in & near Cocoa, FL, we put forth every effort to ensure quality service and products, while providing you with superior customer service every step of the way. Here are some other reasons to call for a new roof replacement in and near Cocoa, Florida.

Free, No-Obligation Inspections

When considering a new roof, you have many considerations, like the roof replacement cost, and finding the best re-roofing company. To help make your decision easier, we offer free comprehensive estimates. Our professional roofer will visit your home and assess your roof for damage or age. Our inspections are thorough and will check for shingle damage, missing shingles, sagging roofs, and other issues that can cause expensive problems later on.

Competitive Pricing

During your free inspection, your Direct Metal Roofing, Inc. representative may recommend that you replace your current roof with a new one. When receiving this news, many homeowners immediately consider the cost of replacement. Instead, you should think about how much more protection you will have over your head. How much peace of mind your family will enjoy.
The priceless benefits of a new roof are not the only ones. You could receive a monetary return on the roof replacement cost when it comes time to sell your home. This is because replacing your roof with a new one is an excellent way to raise the value of your home, making a new roof a terrific investment in home maintenance.


Doing any type of add-on work to your home may require permits, depending on where your home resides. When you give the green light on our roofing replacement estimate, we take care of everything from that point on. That includes all permits that may be required to re-roof your home.


We guarantee the quality, durability, and extended life of your roof with every installation service we provide. We are happy to stand behind our roofs because of the premium materials we work with, which we source from reputable manufacturers with the best warranties. Our skilled contractors bring years of hard work and experience along with supreme attention-to-detail. The end result is a roof replacement that can offer the necessary home protection for your family’s peace of mind.


We make the process of re-roofing your home easy. From the initial step of calling for a roof inspection to closing the deal, we strive to make the roof replacement process a stress-free affair. We understand that taking your mind off of something as significant as a new roof can be difficult.

However, we make every effort to ensure that every roof replacement in & near Cocoa, FL we provide is up to the standards of current building codes. Your new roof will offer protection against the worst of Florida’s storms, even hurricanes.

Happy Customers 

We install new roofs and leave a string of happy customers in our wake. Become one of those customers by working with the skilled contractors we use.

From shingle roofs and metal roofs to clay tile roofs and all others, you can guarantee that your roof will offer the necessary home protection for peace of mind and a boost to your home’s value.

Roof Replacement in & near Cocoa, FL

Do You Find the Investment in a New Roof Daunting?

Out of all the considerations to replace a roof, roof replacement cost is among the most significant. Tell us about your concerns and your Direct Metal Roofing, Inc. representative can tell you about new roof financing.

New Roof Refinancing

Our roof replacement estimates in & near Cocoa, FL include materials, labors, and other charges, all of them clearly marked. We believe in full transparency about pricing and offer flexible financing to help you pay those costs. Our easy financing options give you ultimate flexibility, letting you decide how you want to fund your project.

Financing Terms:


This year-long roof replacement program works the same as cash. There are no payments and no interest for twelve months. Some restrictions apply. You must pass a credit assessment to be approved.


Get a competitive interest rate of 6.99% APR on a 7-year loan, letting you pay off your roof replacement costs over time. Your family gets to enjoy security and protection right away, which does away with a lot of the stress usually associated with the re-roofing process. 


We also give you the option of paying off your new roof over the span of ten years. Get the same 6.99% APR interest rate with approved credit, and relax knowing your roof is secure, and your payment terms are easy to manage.

Our Roof Replacement Process

Schedule a No-Obligation Roof Inspection For Roof Replacement In & Near Cocoa, FL!

Waiting to replace your roof can lead to greater headaches and expenses down the road. Get a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate from Brevard County leaders in premium roof replacements. Leave your information when prompted to receive a call from one of our experienced and local roofing contractors.

Roof Replacement in & near Cocoa

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