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The Average Cost to Replace a Roof & 8 Roofing Replacement Tips to Consider

Roof replacement is a reality many homeowners face, and the reasons for requiring the replacement may vary.

Some roofs merely get old and need to be replaced with stronger, more durable shinglesmetal, or other materials. Other roofs have become so damaged that replacing the existing roof becomes the only option. When a cluster of shingles is suddenly torn away in a storm, your roof may begin to leak, leading to water damage, and your home’s value to plummet. Replacing your roof keeps the elements out and your home’s value on the up and up. Whether your roof has seen better days or has been damaged beyond repair, the cost of replacing your roof might be a major factor in your mind. 

Replacing a roof is not cheap, but the total cost you pay is a necessary investment. It helps to look at the expenditure that way, as an investment. By improving the value of your home and keeping everything inside your house safe, your roof will not only yield a monetary return over time, but you will also receive peace of mind.

Now to the big question: How much does roof replacement cost? What follows are the average roof preplacement costs you can expect, averaged from around the country. Also included are eight insider tips to ensure you get the strongest, most durable roof available for the level of protection your family deserves.

What is the Average Replacement Roof Cost?

In the state of Florida, a brand-new roof is likely to cost you between $8,000 and $16,000, depending on the roof size. That amount falls in line with the national average of roof costs, which is anywhere between $5,000 to $8,000 or as much as $15,000 for some premium roofs.

What Goes into the Roof Replacement Cost?

When factoring the cost of a new roof, a quality roofing company will take a variety of elements into account. These include:

Roofing Materials

The biggest decision is what materials you want your roof to be made of. Asphalt shingle roofs are budget-friendly and will last a fairly long time. Shingles can become damaged by strong winds and debris, however, so you will have to weigh those considerations against the cost of the new roof.

Metal roofs will stand up to any storm or falling debris and can last for up to 70 years or more. And contrary to popular belief, metal roofs don’t just come in the “bare metal” variety. You can get all kinds of designs and colors and styles when choosing a metal roof. Ask your roofing company for details.

For an asphalt shingle roof, you can expect to pay around $100 to $200 per square (100 square feet).

Metal roofs, on the other hand, can run between $120 and $900 a square. If strength and longevity are worth it to you when ordering a new roof replacement, paying extra may be worth it. As with most things, when it comes to the best roofing, you truly do get what you pay for.


Also included in your new roof estimate are all the supplies needed to complete the installation, including nails, supports, underlayment, drip edge, flashing, ice shield, and the shingles themselves or metal roofing components. All of these items contribute to the overall roof replacement cost.

Removal of Your Old Roofing Materials

If you are going from shingles to metal roofing, you might be able to build upon your current roof instead of tearing the old one down, but not always. In most cases, the total roof replacement cost will include the fees associated with tearing off your old roof.

Removing an old roof can cost between $1 and $5 per square foot for a total of $1,000 to $1,500 on average.

When removing your former roof, your contractor may come across rotting timbers or discover that you need heavier materials to support the new roof. In those cases, your cost of roof replacement can increase to an extra $1,000 to $10,000, depending on the repairs needed or reinforcement the roof requires.

Some contractors may include the cost of roof replacement in the estimate. Ask before the job gets started so that you don’t experiences any expensive surprises down the line.


The labor for a roof replacement project can range from $150 to $300 per square. That comes to around $1.50 to $3 per square foot. In general, you can expect labor to make up around 60% of the project total.

Unforeseen Costs of Roof Replacement

Many homeowners are surprised to find higher costs than they expect on their roofing estimates. In most cases this is due to damage the roof sustained that the homeowner wasn’t aware of. Anytime there is a bad storm, you should check your roof to determine if any damage has been done. Plywood damage and ripped-off shingles seem like small problems, but those issues can worsen if nothing is done about them when the damage occurred. Over time, leaks can happen, wood can rot, and before you know it, you’re looking down at an elevated estimate from a roofing firm.

Another aspect of replacing roofs that can increase the cost is the intricacy of your design. Complex roof designs can increase the total roof replacement cost. Skylights are one example that are difficult to get right and require an experienced roofer to install correctly. You should expect roofers to charge more to accommodate those kinds of features.

Your new roof cost can vary, depending on your location, the types of roofing materials you prefer, and how much square footage your roof encompasses.

Now that you know the average cost of a quality roof replacement, it’s time to find a roofer to do the best job. Here are eight tips to remember the next time you need a roof replacement and aren’t sure where to turn. By this time next month, you could be looking at a shiny new roof and one that protects you from the elements while giving you the best value for the money you spent.

#1 – Consider if Roof Replacement is Necessary

We understand that often this takes time, but it is a really important step in the process of selecting a roofing contractor. Contractors with high standards and quality work have happy customers. The right roofer will be more than willing to connect you with previous satisfied homeowners. You may be expecting the hefty cost of a complete replacement when roofing repair is all you need. There are many reasons for wanting to replace your roof. You may notice shingles buckling or areas where shingles are missing entirely. The roof cement or tar around the chimney flashing may need to be replaced, and you might be able to see daylight through the roof boards. All of these are signs that a roof replacement is imminent. And, finally, your roof may be too old. Most roofs will last between 20 and 25 years. If your roof was installed over another layer or several layers of roofing materials and it is older than 20 years, a replacement is probably in order. There are many reasons for wanting to replace your roof. You may notice shingles buckling or areas where shingles are missing entirely. The roof cement or tar around the chimney flashing may need to be replaced, and you might be able to see daylight through the roof boards.
All of these are signs that a roof replacement is imminent. And, finally, your roof may be too old. Most roofs will last between 20 and 25 years. If your roof was installed over another layer or several layers of roofing materials and it is older than 20 years, a replacement is probably in order.

#2 – Get a Roof Inspection

The decision to replace your roof is not an easy one to make. There are many decisions to consider. For instance, all the materials and labor can translate to a major expense. You may have experienced a roof leak that ruined electronics or furniture, and now you’re supposed to replace a roof on top of that? Some families may not have the immediate funds to replace a roof outright, though financing is usually available.
Then there is the need to keep your family protected from the worst of Florida storms. Will a new roof stand up to a hurricane, and how can you be sure the roof you have installed will last as long as you need it to?
With all of these things to consider, it pays to do your homework so you can identify the best roofing company in your area. Angie’s List and Google Maps can help you find contractors in your area.
Don’t just look for the cheapest one but instead search for a reliable company that can provide your family with the level of protection you deserve. You can accomplish this by paying special attention to Google reviews, as these can be goldmines of information regarding the best roofing contractors in your area. Look for the roofer with the most abundant and positive Google reviews, then read through some of the testimonials carefully. A roofing replacement company with dozens of four- and five-star reviews is a good bet, as that company is sure to offer superior customer service and a job well done.
In short, you can get the best results by being vigilant about finding quality roofing experts. Don’t just settle on one but call a few of them up. Discern how you are treated on the phone. Then call a few of these roofers out to your home. That’s right; if you want the best roofing replacement, more than one estimate will usually be required.

#3- Secure More Than One Roof Replacement Estimate

Are you lucky enough to find the best company offering the best professional roofing services right off the bat? Do you want to bet your new roof on it? Probably not.
It is far better to get several different roofing estimates than it is to rely on the first company you call. Invite the professionals out and have them each assess your roof. Then ask for a detailed estimate that includes parts and labor. When you conduct this level of homework, you become better informed about the average cost of roof replacement in your area, and which professional offers the quality and price range you prefer.

#4- Make Sure You Are Hiring a Reliable Roofing Contractor

Anyone can create a website and list their profession as a quality roofer, but only the experts can actually perform a high level of quality work.
Even if it costs a little more, always go for the most qualified roofing crew for the job.
You get what you pay for, and you would rather have a solid roof than one that might lose its integrity in a couple of years. Spend more now to avoid leaks later.
You can ensure you are hiring a quality roofer by asking during the estimate stage about their Better Business Bureau rating. To be thorough, ask about their training, experience, knowledge, and about the materials they use. While you’re at it, ask where they source their materials and how they install new roofs like yours.
Finally, by inquiring about safety procedures, waste disposal, and by asking for referrals from other residential or commercial roofing customers, you can become better informed, putting your mind to rest as you get a brand-new, supreme-quality roof.

#5- Don’t Forget About Building Permits

Don’t get left holding the bag if the roofing contractor you choose doesn’t handle the necessary building permits. Find a roofing crew instead who will conduct the necessary legwork on your behalf. Asking the roofers how they go about managing permits can prevent surprises later.

#6- Remove the Old Roof for Complete Roof Replacement

Some residential and commercial roofs are built on top of existing shingles and other materials. This method can be economical, but it will shorten the life of your roof, among other potential problems.
Though a roofer may try to talk you into it, avoid keeping the old roof if your budget allows. When the old roof is removed, the contractor is in a better position to inspect the decking and around the chimney for structural damage. Leaving the older roof in place can easily hide costly repairs. like a future leak or other problems.
A reputable roofer will recommend that you remove the old roof and start fresh with a quality roof that will keep your home safe from whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

#7- Time Your Roof Replacement Wisely

You always want to time your roof replacement so that the weather is tame. Most roofing jobs can be completed in a few days, at most. You should still plan ahead for issues as they occur but planning to replace your roof during hurricane season or the hottest summer months may not be so wise.
The best time for roof replacement in Florida is during the Winter or Spring. This is when we have the fewest storms, namely hurricanes, which means there are bound to be fewer weather delays, keeping your roof replacement on schedule. If you can, the best time to book your roof replacement is during the winter, but book early because many roofers may be overloaded with roofing projects during that time.

Time Your Roof Replacement Wisely

#8- Choose Your Roofing Materials Carefully

With your roof lasting up to two decades or more, make sure you are happy with your selection. The type of roof should be strong enough to withstand the harshest elements while maintaining the budget you have in mind. Here are some common roof selections that can make your home stand out while giving you the level of protection you need.
Asphalt Shingles: About three-quarters of all new certified installations are completed with basic asphalt shingles. These starter shingles are constructed from fiberglass-reinforced asphalt and come in a range of styles to match your home’s design and color. There are even specialty options available for unique cases, such as asphalt shingles for homes in storm-prone areas. You can expect to pay around $350 to $650 per 100 square feet for a new asphalt shingle roof.
Metal Roofing: Metal gives your roof a level of durability and strength that asphalt shingles could only hope to match. Don’t think you have to go with drab and boring when you choose metal, either. There are a wide range of unique roof product styles that make metal roofing more appealing than ever. A metal roofing system could cost between $550 and $1,300 per square foot.
Wood Shingles: While not as popular as other roofing styles, wood shingle roofs give your home a classic appearance with the sheen of natural beauty. For cedar shingles or shakes, expect to pay around $750 to $1,250 per square foot.
Clay or Cement Tiles: Clay tile shingles are gaining in popularity, especially in Florida. These tiles are lightweight and durable and come in a range of colors and styles. These could cost around $800 to $1,800 per square foot.
Single-Ply Roofing: These are the best roofing types for low-slope and flat roofs. These can cost anywhere from $400 to $750 per square foot.
Plastic Shingles: Plastic or composite roof shingles are designed to mimic wood shakes and slate. They cost a bit more but will last longer than wood (and pose less of a fire hazard). Plastic or composite shingles could set you back between $800 and $1,250 per square foot.
Natural Slate: These roofs last over a hundred years but will cost a lot more than other roofing materials. These slates are generally reserved for luxury roofs to top luxury homes. For genuine or natural slate roofing tiles, expect your square foot cost to be $1,200 to $2,000.

Is Replacing Your Roof a Worthy Investment?

While the initial roof replacement cost can be steep, replacing your roof with a new one is definitely a terrific investment. A new roof is likely to last you at least a couple of decades, if not more. Choose a metal roof and you can enjoy half a century or more of home protection.
There is also your home’s value to consider. The cost of a roof replacement contributes to a boost to your home’s value. If you ever decide to sell, you could earn back $10,000 to $20,000 or more, depending on a number of factors. Your roof will also look great on the block. Who knows; you may even start a trend, with all your neighbors ordering roof replacements to follow suit.
If you are wondering how on earth you are going to afford a new roof, there are options to consider. Homeowners insurance may cover the cost of a new roof if damage from storms or hurricanes can be verified by an insurance adjustor. Your roofing company can help to identify damage that could help your claim.
Financing is another option. Many roofing companies offer financing options that allow you to pay off your roof over time with low monthly payments and affordable interest rates.
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Remember, the only way to ensure you get a quality roof replacement is to do your due diligence when hiring a roofer. Since the quality of your professional installation has a major impact on how long your roof lasts and what it will stand up to, you will want to put much thought into the caliber of company you hire for your new roof installation. 

Now is the time to start calling for estimates. While you’re at it, be sure and call Direct Metal Roofing, Inc. We offer free, no-obligation roof inspections, and estimates. Whether you are experiencing a roof leak or have sustained roof damage, we can help you determine if repair or replacement is necessary and can give you the best choice of materials for your supreme satisfaction. We offer long-term warranty terms and take care of all permits and installation requirements, which gives you the peace of mind you deserve. 

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