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Cocoa Homeowners Want to Know: How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost?

Cocoa homeowners with an old or damaged roof want to know: How much does a roof replacement cost? 

While replacing your roof may seem like a fairly straightforward process, there are a few factors that could affect the cost. Apart from the cost of the materials (shingles or metal roofing, for example), you also have to consider the price of nails, flashing, and labor. All of these elements can comprise the total cost of your roofing replacement. 

To help you become a more educated consumer, we have broken down the average cost of the average roof replacement in the Cocoa, Florida area. By the time you finish, you’ll know how much to invest in a new roof, which can go on to protect your home and family for many years to come. 

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

The average cost to replace a roof can vary drastically. HomeAdvisor states that the average roof replacement cost tends to be between $5,100 and $10,000. However, in some cases, with many cut corners, you can find roofs as low as $1,200. Conversely, you can also find roofs in the thirty-thousand-dollar range. 

In most cases, you can expect to pay around $3.50 and $5.00 per square foot. With the average roof being about 1,700 square feet, that means you are likely to pay between $5,950 and $8,500. Your specific costs may vary.

When you get an estimate by a roofing company, the prices you see will include the square footage of your home, the materials the roof is made of, and the cost of removing your old roof, if applicable. 

While it may seem tempting to skimp on roofing services by choosing a roof with lower quality materials or by choosing inexperienced roofers, you will pay more for your roof in the long run with that route. A roof that is shabbily installed will require more maintenance and quite possibly a complete replacement shortly down the road.

A quality roof, on the other hand, can last you for decades into the future. That goes for shingles and metal. 

When it comes to the cost of the roofing materials, you should know that roofers measure in “squares.” A square is a ten foot by ten-foot area, which equals 100 square feet of roof. Instead of providing you with an estimate in square feet, roofers will use the square measurement instead. This can help you better comprehend the numbers you see on the estimate form. 

The Cost of Replacing a Shingle Roof

The national average cost to replace a shingle roof is around $7,200. Your costs may vary. The overall cost associated with reshingling a roof depends on a number of factors. These include the size of the roof, location, and type of shingle. 

You can save money by fixing older or damaged areas instead of replacing the entire roof. Depending on how many shingles are involved, you could end up saving quite a bundle. Most roofing calculators will tell you that the average cost to repair a shingle roof is around $650.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement 

The material you select for your roof replacement is going to have the greatest impact on the price you pay. Three-tab asphalt shingles, which are the most basic type you can get, and the least expensive, will run you between $150 and $200 per square. 

While a saving like that sounds great, these inexpensive shingles are thin and susceptible to damage from wind and hail. Just imagine if three tabs were hit by a hurricane.

Since you get what you pay for when it comes to the cost of roof replacements, you would be better served by choosing a more durable type of asphalt shingle or metal roof as your home’s topper.

The Cost of Architectural Asphalt Shingle Replacement 

Architectural shingles are another common type of asphalt shingles. They can last between 30 and 50 years and are incredibly durable on account of their thick construction. You can expect to pay between $350 and $500 per square for 30-year asphalt or laminate shingles.

50-year architectural shingles are even more robust than the 30-year variety. For this reason, many roofers consider 50-year shingles to be a premium by, with a roof replacement costing between $450 and $700 per square or more. 

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement 

Roofing Warranties

Quality roofing companies will offer extensive roofing warranties, especially with the premium brands. Ask about the warranty that comes with your roof replacement. A good warranty can save you money and peace of mind down the line. 

Other Elements That Go into the Roof Replacement Cost 


The underlayment of a roof provides a second layer of home protection against water damage. Quality roofing companies will recommend durable underlayment. If your shingles are ever damaged by hail or debris, the underlayment will keep your home protected from leaks, mold, and other issues that can be caused by moisture. Many areas have code requirements that mandate roof underlayments. You can remain code compliant by making sure your contractor plans to install the underlayment with your roof replacement. 


A roof replacement is going to require a load of nails. You can expect to pay between $15 and $30 for a box of nails. Most roof replacements will require around two boxes of nails. The cost of these boxes will factor into the total roof replacement cost. 

Water Barrier 

Ask your roofer about installing a quality ice and water barrier, which will provide an added layer of protection against water leaks inside your home. You never know when you will be hit with a storm, snow, or freeze, which can all lead to leaks over time. Certain formulations of water barriers will adhere to your roof, making installation easy.

Starter Shingles

These are another aspect of a roof replacement that can keep your roof free from water leaks. Starter shingles go below the main shingles to protect the seams from moisture leaks. Water is instead directed off the roof instead of allowing it to sit and remain stagnant. Starter shingles may be required as part of your warranty. Be sure and ask about these shingles, as they tend to be a common product cut by contractors when trying to save money.

Roof Flashing

Roof flashing helps to seal the joints and other vulnerable roofing areas to keep water from being trapped. Flashing is usually installed around the areas where the shingles meet up with the chimney. Roof flashing is a common roof installation item, but it may not be included in your estimate. That’s because it often requires the removal of home siding or the cutting of wood. Ask about this when receiving an estimate for the roof replacement cost if you hope to prevent leaks long into the future. 


Like other areas of your home, the roof requires ventilation for adequate airflow. Without the right ventilation, hot air will become trapped in your attic, resulting in rotting materials and mold. Ventilation can prolong the life of your roof and help with energy savings. 

Unexpected Roof Replacement Costs

If your roof estimate is higher than expected based on the materials you chose, it may be due to current roof damage. If you recently experienced a storm that damaged your roof but didn’t act when it occurred, your plywood may have become damaged where the shingles were ripped away. While plywood may sound like an inexpensive problem to fix, lumber is in short supply, so wait times and plywood costs may be elevated as a result.

Roof Replacement Costs for Metal Roofs

If you want a strong roof that can last for fifty or more years, a metal roof replacement is the best choice for you. You can expect to pay between $10 and $12 per square foot. That means your new roof is likely to cost between $15,000 and $22,000. Your roof replacement cost may vary.

Roof Replacement Costs Metal Roofs

Metal Roof Colors

Metal roofs can come in a variety of different colors and styles or you can go with the colorless, bare metal look, which can certainly make your home stand out. 

Metal Roof Finish Quality 

Once you pick the color for your roof, you will need to decide the finish. The paint finish quality of your metal roof will help your roof stand up to inclement weather. Ask your roofing contractor about a metal roofing finish quality that will prove durable while helping to keep your costs manageable. 

Aluminum Shingles and Standing Seams

There are a variety of other options that go into a metal roof replacement estimate. As the homeowner, you get to choose how your metal shingles fit together. You can choose metal shingles or standing seams.

Standing seam metal roofs come in continual lengths. Each section has a built-in mechanism that allows for expansion and contraction during changes in the weather. The fasteners for the roofing panels are built-in. 

Metal shingles are nailed on. Like asphalt shingles, you will likely be required to pay for boxes of nails, which can add to your roof replacement costs. 

Metal Materials 

You have several choices of metal when it comes to your roof replacement. Copper roofs cost between $9 and $14 per square foot. Copper has major aesthetic appeal and lasts for a very long time. 

Zinc costs between $10 and $12 per square foot, including installation. Zinc is attractive and weathers well, which helps it stand up to anything Mother Nature throws its way.

Steel Shingles 

A steel shingle metal roof is less costly than other metal roofs and can be nearly as protective and efficient as zinc or copper. For that reason, steel roofs can be a smart option for Cocoa area homeowners, especially if you wish to install your metal roof on top of your existing asphalt shingle roof.

Roof Replacement Labor

Now that you know more about how a roof replacement is priced, it’s time to add the labor costs. Labor typically accounts for around 60% of the cost of a brand new roof. Look for a company with extensive experience and a good track record of installing roofs in your area. The labor costs may be well worth it if you manage to choose a quality roofing company and premium roof materials. 

Is a Roof Replacement a Worthy Investment? 

While the cost of a roof replacement can be expensive, replacing your roof is a terrific investment. A new roof can last twenty or thirty years. Furthermore, a new roof can increase your home’s value by tens of thousands of dollars. 

If you are wondering how to afford the cost of a new roof, there are options available to you. Homeowners insurance may cover at least some of the cost of storm damage can be verified by insurance company adjusters. Financing is also an option. Ask the roofing company you plan to work with for details.

Roof Replacement Worthy Investment

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