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The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofs – Strong Roofing Material

Your choices of roofing materials vary, but metal roofing is the strongest roofing material there is. Metal roofing is tough enough to withstand the worst pummeling by Mother Nature, so there’s no wonder why metal roofs comprise around 15% of all roofing installations.

Metal roofing can be cost-prohibitive for budget conscious home and business owners, and while the roofing material is nearly indestructible, metal roofing can dent when hit with debris. 

These are just some of the positive benefits and negative drawbacks that come with metal roofing. 

Here are more pros and cons of metal roofs. Knowing them will help you become a more informed consumer when deciding to re-roof your home. Should you choose metal or not? This list should help to make your choice easy.

Pros of Metal Roofing

Pros of Metal Roofing


How long do metal roofs last? An exceptionally long time is the short answer. The long answer is that some metal roofs can maintain their integrity for up to thirty, forty, or even fifty years! Some can even last longer. That means that the home or business is sure to remain protected from bad Florida storms for many decades, and with a single metal roof installation.

Energy Efficiency

What good is saving money on a metal roof installation if all your cash is going to seep out of your home in wasted energy costs? The good news is that metal happens to be extremely energy efficient.

Not only will metal keep high winds, rain, and the other elements from damaging the interior of your home, but metal also keeps the energy inside your home, where it belongs. That means you can expect your metal roof installation to come with plenty of energy bill savings.

Low Environmental Impact

Everyone is worried about climate change, and world leaders are encouraging everyone to practice environmental conservation. You can contribute by choosing roofing materials that offer the lowest impact on the environment. You may be interested to know that metal roofing offers one of the lowest environmental impacts out of all other roofing materials.

Meanwhile, 13.2 million tons of asphalt roof shingle waste is generated across the U.S. each year. This makes metal an eco-friendly option to consider. Plus, metal roofing materials are 100% recyclable and made with a minimum of 25% recycled material, depending on the type of metal you choose.

Cons of Metal Roofing

Higher Cost

Because of metal’s strength and longevity, you can expect to pay more for the roofing materials and roofing installation costs. Metal roofing comes in sheets and requires special tools and expertise. This means that your estimate for roofing is likely to be higher than it would be if you were to choose a more economical roofing material, like asphalt shingles.

At the same time, you only have to pay the installation costs one time. Then you can enjoy the nearly impenetrable metal roof for four or five decades, possibly longer.

As with anything, you get what you pay for. Metal roofing is no different.

Requires Expertise

Unlike some brands of roofing shingles that can be applied by anyone with minimal roofing knowledge, metal roofing requires special tools and know-how. This means you would need to turn to the experts to re-roof your home when choosing metal. Only experienced metal roofers can ensure the best quality job for the longest-term protection.

While this doesn’t seem like much of a drawback, you could be limited in your area to roofers who specialize in metal. Metal roofers tend to charge premium prices, but you can always find affordable options, even with roofers offering precision and skill. Direct Metal Roofing, Inc. is one example. You may have to search for metal roofing experts, but we’re out there, and ready to give you a tough metal roof that lasts.

Can Become Dented

A tree limb falling on your roof may not cause permanent damage, but you could be left with a nice sized dent. Dents on metal roofs tend to be extremely noticeable because the light catches the curves in the metal, making the damage noticeable. You may be able to keep your roof for an exceedingly long time, but you may also have to endure dents in the surface during all that time.

Metal is tough but it can be aesthetically damaged. Metal can be maintained and repaired, however, if you choose the most highly skilled roofing crew to work with.

Cons of Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Can React with Other Metals

Be careful, as metal roofs can cause adverse reactions when contacted by other metals.

You can avoid unnecessary reactions by speaking with an experienced roofing contractor. You should learn what metals to add to your roof and what to avoid when doing maintenance on and around your home.

4 Different Types of Metal Roofing

By now you know more about metal roofing, but did you know that there are several types? Here are the different kinds of metal roofing available.


As far as metal roofing materials go, aluminum is strong and lightweight. Aluminum is easy for contractors to form to the desired shape, which makes these roofs highly customizable. Aluminum can be expensive, however. That is because aluminum sheet metal tends to be more expensive than other metal roofing materials such as steel. However, once again, you get what you pay for. Aluminum roofing is durable and can replicate the strength of other, much thicker roofing metals. 

What about the appearance of aluminum? The good news is that aluminum roofs look terrific on any architectural style of home. An aluminum roof will raise your home’s value and keep it protected, while helping your home look its best. Home and business owners who choose aluminum also like the fact that the roofing doesn’t turn red with rust like other metals. You also don’t have to worry about corrosion as the roof ages. Aluminum tends to work best in coastal areas with high levels of rainfall, and where seawater spray is common. 

One drawback to aluminum is that, because the metal is on the thinner side, it can be susceptible to denting. 


Steel metal roofs are the most common type of metal roof. If you see a home or business with metal roofing, nine out of ten times you are looking at steel. One reason for the roofing material’s popularity is the varying color options. Steel is also ultra-strong and low weight. The roof will last for many years, making steel roofing a reliable long-term investment. 

Steel metal roofs come in three types – weathering steel (corten), galvanized, and galvalume. There is a downside to steel. If your home is in a coastal area and exposed to high levels of sea spray, you could experience steel erosion, which could threaten the integrity and value of your roof.


Out of all types of metal roofs, zinc lasts the longest. Zinc roofs have been known to last anywhere between sixty and a hundred years. One reason for zinc roofing’s extended longevity lies in the outer protective layer zinc innately possesses, which protects your roof from corrosion. Zinc is also naturally safe from scratching and panel markings. 

What’s so neat about zinc roofs is that if the metal does get scratched near the surface, the metal’s protective layer fixes itself over time. 


Copper is also a long-lasting roofing material. Some copper roofs, like zinc, can last for a hundred years! Copper roofing tends to feel soft to the touch, which makes it a quieter option as far as metal roofs go. This is an important consideration when you think about Florida downpours. Copper metal roofs keep the rain out without amplifying the sound. 

Why don’t more homeowners choose copper if the roofs are so quiet? Unfortunately, copper metal roofs can be expensive. 

Another drawback is the greenish patina that can form on copper roofing over time. Some people find it adds character to the roof while others find it unattractive. You may love the appearance of the transitioning hues, which would make copper a good choice for re-roofing your Florida home. 

What Do The Metal Panels Look Like?  

What Do The Metal Panels Look Like?  

Metal roofing comes in vertical panels or interlocking metal shingles. Both styles of roofing offer a wide variety of colors. This makes the panels customizable according to your tastes and preferences. In fact, metal roofing comes in over 100 different colors.

This is a stark contrast from asphalt shingles, which only provide fifteen to twenty color options. The vertical panels that comprise metal roofing are held together using metal-standing seams. Or, your home could be re-roofed with metal-stamped panels, which are meant to match the look of traditional roofing materials.

How Are Metal Roofs Maintained?

Metal roofs are easy to maintain and resistant to things like insects, rot, and mildew. Some maintenance is required, such as keeping tree limbs from rubbing up against and denting the metal and making sure your metal roof doesn’t mix with any other alloy materials.

These are minimal requirements, which means you are sure to save on maintenance costs over the lifespan of your roof. Sure, you may pay more for metal roof installation, but you will save enormously over the many years the metal roof remains over your head.


You don’t usually think of a metal roof when you picture a residential or commercial building. Most people are used to shingle roofs, which tend to be the most cost economical for families and small businesses.

However, with all you have to consider when re-roofing your home, including what materials to use, the style you want to go with, cost of materials, and the expense that comes with installation, you may want to think about roofing systems besides traditional asphalt shingles. Metal roofing may prove to be the wiser choice.

As a professional roofing service, Direct Metal Roofing, Inc. wants to help you re-roof your home with metal, a reliable and attractive choice. Metal roofing can withstand heavy Florida storms and keep your family protected. Want to enjoy long-term durability with a single metal roof installation? Learn more and get a free estimate by contacting our experienced roofers in Brevard County, Florida.

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